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Official Statement from LinkedIn

Earlier this week, we published a plea to LinkedIn’s Co-founder, Reid Hoffman, asking to reinstate the profile we created for a trafficked sex worker on LinkedIn. This evening, LinkedIn issued a public statement in an article written by Campaign Asia on July 26th:

While all the information we included in the profile is completely grounded in truth, we respect LinkedIn’s decision to restrict the account. Our intention in creating the campaign was to spread awareness of trafficking in Singapore, and we appreciate LinkedIn’s acknowledgement of the issue.

In the coming days, we will move forward with our nonprofit partner, HOME, in our commitment to educating about the appalling ways in which women are tricked in to the sex trade in Singapore.

Thanks for all the support thus far, please watch our site for updates.

Andries Vaisman, Vera Chung, Alex Dickinson, Holly Attrill

BBH Asia Pacific Barn Interns

A plea to Reid Hoffman

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

This past week, a group of us in Singapore worked with a local nonprofit to create a LinkedIn account based on the true stories of trafficked victims. The profile represents the voices of thousands of women who are trafficked into the sex trade in Asia each year.

More often than not, sex trafficking gets overlooked here, as it is hidden by legal prostitution. The reality, however, is that many foreign women are deceived by employers and recruitment agencies into taking on debts for jobs that don’t exist.  These women are forced to believe that prostitution is their only way out.

To get Singaporeans to understand what’s going on, we decided to post the story on LinkedIn. This platform is where professionals share the stories of their careers, and we believe that these are the same individuals with the greatest potential to help bring this issue to light.

Our idea was simple: the more connections the profile made, the more people we would have educated about the issue. Ultimately, it’s a matter of public awareness.

We named the profile Kim Diya. In the few hours that she was public, Kim made over 150 connections. The story was followed by journalists from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Denmark, and viewed by at least 300 registered LinkedIn users.

We’re glad to have made an impact, but we haven’t done nearly enough. That’s why we’re writing to you to ask for your help. 

Tragically, Kim’s profile has been restricted - a metaphor for the way these victims are being ignored. Mr. Hoffman, we need you to restore it.

Andries Vaisman, Vera Chung, Alex Dickinson, Holly Attrill

BBH Asia Pacific Barn Interns

Kim’s profile on LinkedIn:

Kim Diya Linkedin profile

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